We solve business problems using advanced data analysis.

You have a problem, you have data, we will find a solution.

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Business Solutions

We have made dozens of analytical projects in several sectors. We know which data and methods are the most effective to achieve results. Check how we can help you.


We implement comprehensive projects in B2C and B2B credit risk assessment.

We can help when your company:

  • starts financing operations in a new market segment
  • plans to improve an existing risk assessment process
  • needs risk management tools
  • does not have an appropriate market know-how
  • has no data.

We bring real value to our clients from the financial sector: banks, leasing, lending and factoring companies.

  • b2c risk assessment
  • b2b assessment risk
  • assessment audit


We help companies from the financial, distribution, industrial and commercial sectors in detecting frauds.

We increase detection of credit, transaction, internal and counterparty frauds.

The combination of machine learning methods and business knowledge allows optimizing detection of real frauds and reducing false alerts.

  • credit frauds
  • internal frauds
  • audit of fraud detection processes

Debt collection

Financial institutions often have problems with optimizing debt collection activities.

A large number of them use a few debt collection processes for all clients, which is not always optimal.

We improve collection processes by:

  • accelerating recovery of arrears
  • recognizing willingness of debtors to pay off
  • increasing effectiveness of debt collection steps
  • rising profitability of debt collection activities
  • willingness to pay off
  • the effectiveness of the process
  • profitability of debt collection


By using machine learning, we increase sales efficiency in the existing customer base by:

  • estimating purchasing value of customers
  • forecasting propensity to buy specific products / services
  • increasing effectiveness of marketing campaigns
  • reducing percentage of churning customers
  • Customer profiling Up / cross sell
  • Customer retention

Customer service

Optimizing operational performance may include:

  • support in choosing the most effective channels of contact with customers
  • prioritizing activities based on customer value
  • allocating activities depending on the experience and competences of employees
  • Sales campaigns
  • Optimization of communication
  • Automation of processes


Thanks to advanced data analysis, we help by:

  • matching level of inventories to demand
  • increasing percentage of customer order fulfillment
  • reducing costs of freezing the working capital
  • cutting down losses caused by excessively high stocks
  • Demand forecasting
  • Forecasting the purchase of goods

Analytical services

The basis of our activity is knowledge and analytical skills.

This allows our team to tailor services to business and data. As a team, we can help your company by providing a number of services.



Projects - Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning in business



Consulting support in advanced data analysis and data science project management



Trainings and workshops in ML and AI.

Analytical services

Analytical services

Collection and integration of data, data cleansing and preparation, exploratory data analysis and model development

Body Leasing

Body Leasing

Leasing of Data Analysts, Data Scientists, Developers.

You have a problem and data, we will find a solution.

Collection and integration of data

Data integration from many sources – internal and external.

Data convertion into a usable format(.csv, json, xml, etc.)


  • MySQL
  • Hadoop
  • Apache Spark

Data cleansing and preparation

Data quality process – checking data quality ( gaps, errors, broken data).

Process of removing, replacing, supplementing incorrect and missing data.


  • Python
  • R
  • SAS
  • SPSS

Exploration data analysis

Searching for patterns with data mining.

Variable selection – identification and significance level testing.


  • Python
  • R
  • SAS
  • SPSS

Model developement

Advanced analysis and construction of predictive models.

Evaluation and construction of an optimal model.


  • R
  • Python
  • SPSS
  • SAS

Implementation of models/algorithms

Testing a model against a business goal.

Implementation of the final algorithm in a production environment.


  • Python
  • R

Reports and visualization

Visualization of results.

KPI reporting.


  • Tableau
  • D3.JS

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Our competences result from the implementation of several dozen projects in risk, CRM and optimization of operational activities.

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